Dallas Christmas Light Installers

We Design, Install and Remove Outdoor Holiday
Lighting (in the Dallas, TX Area)

Dallas Christmas Light Installers

We Design, Install and Remove Outdoor Holiday
Lighting (in the Dallas, TX Area)


Top 12 Questions


A Company Snapshot

Do You Struggle With Your Holiday Lighting?

Are you uneasy about who you can trust to decorate your home?
Are you frustrated with your current decorating company?
Were you embarrassed by your last decorating efforts?
Are you tired of climbing ladders to decorate your own home?
Are you concerned about installing decor on your new house?
Do you feeling overwhelmed by your holiday to-do list?

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Our service is designed
for busy parents and professionals
who want to hire a reliable
expert to decorate their holiday
home to look beautiful
without the hassle.

Before and After Holiday Home Makeovers

Watch this 55 second video and see how we transform homes from digital design concepts to lighted holiday displays!

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Top 12 Questions

1. How do I get started?
Email  photos of your home and schedule  a 10 minute phone design consultation to learn what your home can look like with Dallas Christmas Light Installers. Or just call now to talk to talk to a designer 972-755-9580.
2. What areas do you service in Dallas, TX?
We service most areas of Dallas, .
3. What color are the LED lights?
All of our lights are high quality, UL Standard, commercial-grade LEDs. Most designs feature warm white LEDs (with the same warm hue as traditional incandescent lights). We also offer red, blue, yellow, green and multi-colored LED lights.
4. Do you provide the wreaths and garland?
Yes, our installations include elegant, LED pre-lit wreaths and garland. Dallas Christmas Light Installers is known for creating the same beautiful decor you envy in high-end magazine articles (not found in retail stores) so you can be proud of your decorated home, day and night!
5. Do I buy the decorations for my home?
Dallas Christmas Light Installers owns all decorations so you do not need to buy it!  Once the season concludes, we remove all décor and lighting so you have nothing to worry about!  No need for storage fees. We only install lighting and décor owned by Dallas Christmas Light Installers.
6. Do I need to be home when you install?
No. Just leave the work to us! We notify you before the installation team arrives to your home. Our crews wear uniforms and the vans are labeled for easy recognition. We use automatic timers and exterior power sources which assure you enjoy the beautiful decor throughout the season. 
7. When is the holiday lighting removed?
We keep our clients informed about our activities throughout the lighting season. Removal of lighting is scheduled with you directly to assure we accommodate your removal preference. Your can simply unplug your timer(s) once you no longer wish the lights to turn on. All lights are removed by the end of February. 
8. Can I request a specific install or removal date?
We are happy to accommodate your specific request. Custom install and/or removal dates can be scheduled through our office (an additional fee may apply). We make every effort to accommodate individual requests.
9. Are you insured?
Dallas Christmas Light Installers has full liability coverage. The safety of your home and our crew is our top priority.  
10. Do you have a minimum?
Our $1,800 minimum includes your custom design, installation and removal. We provide all decorations and service at no additional charge to assure your home’s lighting décor is beautiful throughout the holiday season. 
11. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following online payments for your convenience: Venmo, Zelle QuickPay and QuickBooks quick pay.  You may also mail a check to 5931 Greenville Ave #5522, Dallas, TX 75206. We do not accept credit cards in order to avoid transaction fees. 
12. What should I do if I have a problem?
For fast service, TEXT our Service Hotline 972-755-9580 or email jeff@dallaschristmaslightinstallers.com anytime – day or night – for all maintenance requests (24 hour response time). All service calls are included in the annual fee. Our PROACTIVE SERVICE TEAM checks on your home to resolve issues before you have time to call us! 

Have a question? Call us at (972) 755-9580

The Person Behind Dallas Christmas Light Installers!

Dallas Christmas Light Installers was born out of a passion for decorating before there ever was an outdoor holiday lighting industry! Owner Jeff Thompson launched his decorating business out of the trunk of his car almost two decades ago.  Since the beginning, his vision brings to life nostalgic, classic Christmas designs that are refined and elegant. 

We eliminate your holiday stress to help you create family memories that last a lifetime.

Lisa | Dallas, TX

“Jeff is a Christmas angel!! Loved his vision … just the right combination of warmth and sparkle. His staff are true artists. Made me smile every day when I pulled up to house. Best part was not freezing in January when it’s time to take decorations down! “

Julie B. | TX

“Jeff truly has great design ideas and we will hire his every year. He runs a very professional outdoor holiday lighting service. Jeff had everything on timers and even was there installing with his crew.”

Marge K. | TX

“Response time and quality of maintenance & repairs is fantastic. As far as the design, Dallas Christmas Light Installers is top notch – we feel so proud of our elegantly decorated home.”

Sylvia S. | TX

“Jeff and his team are outdoor holiday lighting professionals!  I have hired his for over 10 years.  Not only did he elegantly design my home but the work he performed was done ON TIME and BEAUTIFULLY.”

Evan T. | Winnetka, TX

“Our home received so many compliments and was the best on the block!  It was truly magical and worth the cost rather than risking life and limb trying to do it yourself.”

Anna M. | TX

“At the risk of sounding morbid, I will NEVER hang my own Christmas lights again.  In the last few years I have known three people to either die or break limbs by falling off of a ladder. Plus, I could never make my outdoor holiday lighting look as beautiful as Dallas Christmas Light Installers does!”

Traci G. | TX

“Doing business with Jeff is seamless.  He provided a CONTACT US NOW! consultation that was very classy.  His team did a professional job with the install. My family and neighbors just loved the magical outdoor holiday lighting!”

Monica T. | TX

“The whole process from design to execution is very easy, organized and efficient.  I have been hiring Dallas Christmas Light Installers for 8 years and it is an easy decision every time.  Jeff and his team takes care of everything for you!”

Sandy S. | TX

“I have used Dallas Christmas Light Installers for 9 years.  The service is wonderful.  They even called me to see if we had problems during a severe rain.  Since I was out of town, they sent someone to check on the lights for me!  Thanks Jeff and crew!”

Dallas Christmas Light Installers a Company Snapshot


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Dallas, TX Area


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